provides services to the private and institutional market as subcontractor for turnkey projects

OUR Departments

Metal processing

Hayotzer Industry (1998) Ltd. specializes in the production of a variety of custom-made industrial metal products, and provides services to the private and institutional market as subcontractor for turnkey projects – with electronic packaging products, hardware, heavy constructions, cutting, punch and deep drawing dies, as well as design and production of injection molds for plastics, glass fiber plastics, rubber etc.

* As an approved supplier for the defense system, Ministry of Defense and the IDF, Hayotzer provides turnkey products – spare parts for tanks, AFVs, various weapon components, packaging, metal fittings and instruments integrated with plastics, rubber, armor metals, stainless steel, chromium-nickel, aluminum etc.

* As an approved supplier for the Oil Refineries, clean rooms (Intel), Israel Electric Corporation, oil rigs, chemical and food plants, solar energy and water desalinations operations, Hayotzer produces constructions and pipe hanger supports for all types of pipelines, various steels, PVC, fiberglass, polypropylene, etc., for hot and cold piping.

* Our stock is never short of supports made of stainless steel, carbon steels, chromium molybdenum, etc., pipe supports up to 50-mm thick, and even thicker for heavy piping, including different suspension rods with both left and right threads.

* Hayotzer designs and produces for industrial plants dies for automatic steel sheet punching, cutting (spreading), bending dies, and deep drawing dies, as well as injection molds for engineering plastics, rubber and bakelite products.

Electricity and communication

Hayotzer Industry (1998) Ltd. provides a wide variety of industrial appliances, e.g. junction boxes, types of insulators, electrical cabinets and panels, various metal hardware parts for electrical conduction networks and different transformation stations.

* As an approved supplier for the Israel Electric Corporation, Hayotzer Industry (1998) Ltd. produces infrastructure equipment for the national network, power stations, sub-stations and transformation stations.

* As an approved supplier for Bezeq – israel´s largest telecommunications provider, cable companies and other communication equipment wholesalers, Hayotzer provides infrastructure for communication equipment, telephony networks and switchboards, e.g. 19″ communication cabinets, from 10U to 44 U, “tub trays” for Krone blocks, distributing boxes, climbers for wooden poles, concrete poles, etc.

Following is partial description of the equipment offered by us:

1. Machining department, including:
Lathes, CNC milling machines, heavy grinding machines up to 2m long, vertical and axial, with production tolerances of up to 2-3 micron (at 25°C).

2. Steel sheet processing department, including:
Computerized CNC steel sheet cutting machines, laser cutting machine, eccentric and hydraulic presses up to 500 ton, for punching, bending and deep drawing, computerized CNC punch presses, computerized CNC bending machines, of up to 135 ton X 4m long. We offer various automatic, electrical and pneumatic rotational presses as well.
Processing steel sheets of various thicknesses, from 0.2mm to 50mm, and more, at custom-made accuracy levels.

3. Welding department, including:

Certified welders for welding various metals, e.g. armor steels, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., pursuant to IDF and AWS standards.

MIG welding robot with 6 axes of freedom + 2 feed tables + index, simultaneously connected, with a total of 10 computer-controlled axes, high speed and accuracy level, using an accurate protective gas mixture of CO2 + Argon + oxygen, as required, including a system of controllers for continuous quality control of the entire welding process, and various parameters at all times, and a printout for the customer.

spot welding machines, up to 120kW.

TIG/argon arc welding for stainless steel, aluminum and copper.

MIG, Argon/CO2 welding stations and electrodes for welding special steels (armor), stainless steel, etc.

Cutting torch equipped with an electronic eye, capable of reading drawings, for steels up to 150mm thickness.

4. Paint department, including:
Automatic painting line (100m), with electrostatic powder, pure polyester and epoxy polyester, oven baked (200°C), using “automatic” robots and 4 guns for complete coverage and high thickness, including a lab for adhesion control and coating layer thickness control, at customer´s requirements.

Spray painting system (Airmix), wet with a water curtain – primers, automotive paints and dual-component epoxy and the like, as well as various paint specifications – custom-made.

Painting in the field, using Airmix or Airless systems.

Quality control and assurance

Hardness, paint thickness, coating and spring force measurement instruments, dynamometers, and strain gauges, precision electrical and mechanical measurement tools, calibrated annually by certified labs and used for production and quality control.

Our quality management system has been assessed by the Standards Institute of Israel and found fully compliant with all requirements of Israeli Standard IS 9001 and ISO-1994, in everything concerning the production of steel sheet products, supports, piping hanger supports, domestic and industrial appliances and low voltage panels.

In view of the importance of quality management systems and as a principal strategic decision, the management of Hayotzer Industry (1998) Ltd. meticulously complies with all quality requirements to ensure customers satisfaction, as its main goal, by meeting their requirements and expectations, and subject to compliance with all standards and regulations, legal requirements, applicable Israeli and international standards for the various products designed, produced and supplied to the customer.

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