provides services to the private and institutional market as subcontractor for turnkey projects


In 1955, a private partnership called Hayotzer Electromechanical Industry was founded, under common partnership of Mr. Moshe Banai and Mr. Isaac Doveh who studied locksmithing and die production in his youth, a profession that saved his life being one of 300 teenagers “chosen” to produce the 1V and 2V air bombs at Volkswagen factories in Nazi Germany.

At the end of World War II, after his release, Mr. Doveh moved to Sweden where he was appointed a production manager in a local plant, until he came to Israel as a foreign volunteer.

One of the partnership’s objectives was to establish a production plant for washing machines, domestic and industrial fans and various engines.

The first product created in the then small plant was a ceiling fan which captured a large market segment those days. It was followed by the “Li La Lo” washing machine successfully providing clean laundry to housewives, enabling them to wring water from wet laundry with mangles – the cutting edge of technology back then.

The plant range expanded to produce table fans, pole fans and hanging fans in summer, as well as heaters, heat fans and convectors for domestic heating in winter. Production then included all types of engines, various components from gear wheels through mechanical & electrical transmissions, dies, steel sheet parts, steel casting, molds and plastic injection – all in an area of 200sqm, into which extensive knowledge and a fair amount of equipment were compacted.

In 1979 the partnership became a limited company. At a later stage Doveh Arik (the son) joined the company and Mr. Moshe Banai retired. It then became Hayotzer Industry (1998) Ltd., with an area of 3.5 dunam.

During those years, Hayotzer started subcontracting at various projects for different government companies, the military and many industrial plants.

With combined vast knowledge, diversified automation systems, and specialization in various metal and plastics works, Hayotzer Industry (1998) Ltd. has become a leading company in its field, providing service to local power stations, electric distribution networks of the IEC, various industrial plants, communication companies, defense industry, desalination industries, solar industries, oil industries, oil rigs at sea and others.

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